Holistic Nursing Curricular Guidelines & Related Webinars

The Holistic Nursing Specialty

Holistic Nursing, recognized as an ANA Specialty in 2007, is based in a foundation that specifies and clarifies the premises of holistic nursing, the related knowledge and skills, and the principles of practices. Together, these precepts create a disciplinary foundation for Holistic Nursing practice. A logical conclusion is that educational programs, dedicated to preparing nurses for practice in the Specialty of Holistic Nursing, are guided by a standardized set of curricular guidelines based in these precepts.

AHNCC's Endorsement Program

AHNCC, recognizing the need for a general set of premises and principles for academic programs, initiated the Holistic Nursing Academic Endorsement Program. Faculty were invited to submit applications prepared based on these guidelines. The applications were reviewed by Holistic Nurse experts based on criteria, and approved or denied AHNCC Endorsement. While this moved Holistic Nursing toward standardizing academic Holistic Nursing programs, it lacked the linkages among epistemology, ontology, pedagogy, and praxis of Holistic Nursing needed to facilitate nurses to think, feel, articulate, relate and act based on the precepts of Holistic Nursing.

Standardized Curricular Guidelines

The lack of such standardized curricular guidelines needed for professional practice were recognized in 2015 by a cohort working together under a charge from AHNCC. As a result, the work entitled, Foundations, Competences, and Curricular Guidelines for Basic to Doctoral Holistic Nursing Education, Edition 1 ( Curricular Guidelines) and several complementary webinars were published in 2017. The work was reviewed by panels of Holistic Nursing experts to validate the content, and then approved and accepted by AHNA and AHNCC as a standardized set of curricular guidelines. A second edition will be drafted as soon as possible following AACN's publication of the required educational essentials for 2020-2030. Edition 1 of this work can be downloaded by clicking here.

Webinars to Clarify Curricular Guidelines

The webinars developed to complement the Curricular Guidelines were developed by authors of the work and recruited Holistic Nursing Experts. A list of these, shown here, are available through AHNA at https://www.ahna.org

Webinar ID Title Description
101 Social Events, Healthcare Transformation, and Holistic Nursing. (Tool kit provided) Illuminates multiple factors, that affect nurses ability to live their social/moral imperative to care; potential outcomes; and ways to overcome them.
102 Introduction to the Foundational Principles for Holistic Nursing Educational Programs (Tool kit provided) Explores relations and implications of the philosophy and Foundational Principles of Holistic Nursing.
103 Holistic Nursing's Essential Requirements for Baccalaureate Nursing Programs Provides Basic Essentials of Holistic Nursing educational programs
104 Essential Requirements for Advanced Holistic Nursing Programs Provides Advanced Essentials of Holistic Nursing
105 Sciences of Health and Holism Provides a discussion of relations between sciences of health and wellness and the bio-medical model of care
106 Interpersonal Communications: The Bases of Interpersonal Relations Discusses communication as a series of cues, interpretations, and responses between two people as the primary source of relationship-building
107 Facilitating Discovery Learning Theory and Strategies (Tool Kit provided) Introduces Discovery Learning Theory as an educational tool that facilitates students self-development
109 Facilitating Student Application of Nursing Theories Discusses how to select and use nursing theories in the Holistic Caring-Healing processes
110 Story Sharing: A Communication Strategy for Advanced Holistic Nursing Discusses story sharing as a strategy in each phase of the Holistic Caring-Healing Process
111 Faculty Considerations Prior to Adopting Holistic Nursing Educational Guidelines (Tool Kit provided) Discusses inherent driving and restraining forces that influence faculty's ability to change curricula, and potential strategies to effect change
112 Facilitating Student Certification: AHNCC Endorsement Guidelines Discusses how the Curricular Guidelines relates to AHNCC's Endorsement Program
113 Creating a Holistic Nursing Curricular Matrix Discusses how faculty can create a curricular matrix using the Curriculum Guidelines, Nursing's Metaparadigm, and Ways of Knowing
114 Holistic Nursing and Boyer's Scholarship Model Discusses Boyers Four Types of Scholarship and how they relate to nursing's social imperative, their institutions purpose and mission, and implications for faculty tenure.

Required Courses for Advanced Practice Holistic Nursing

Webinar ID Title Description
201 Advanced Foundations of Holistic Nursing Provides the Foundations of Advanced Practice and offers suggestion for facilitating student learning
202 Advanced Sciences of Health and Holism Required sciences and holism for Advanced Practice Holistic Nursing
203 Advanced Health Assessment Discusses Advanced Health Assessment needed to practice Advance Holistic Nursing
204 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics for Holistic Nursing Discusses ways to teach actions and relations of drugs and herbs prescribed for common medical conditions and promotion of wellbeing