Global Academy of Holistic Nursing Resolution

The Global Academy of Holistic Nursing (GAHN) herein recognized in the state of Kansas as a legal corporation, located at 2900 SW Plass Court, Suite 204/D, Topeka, Kansas 66611 hereby adopts the following Resolution regarding Holistic Nursing Position Statements and documents to be located on their website for access by the public.

Whereas: GAHN materials, located on our website reflect our desire to cultivate a network of Holistic Nursing Scholars committed to promoting social justice, expanding the role of Transcultural, Integrative Caring-Healing Processes within healthcare, and providing leadership in global health care transformation, and

Whereas: GAHN is committed to advance excellence in Holistic Nursing praxes and global health care transformation through the work of GAHN Scholars; and

Whereas: AACN adopts Boyer's (1990) model of Scholarship which includes 4 types of Scholarship, i.e. Educational, Practice, Discovery (aka research), and Integrative (i.e. advocacy); and

Whereas: GAHN has adopted Boyer's Model of Scholarship as a framework for the work of GAHN's Committees; and

Whereas: There are differing paradigms used in nursing to structure the pedagogy, ontology, and praxis of nursing; and

Whereas: GAHN Committees provide a structure for the work of GAHN Scholars; and

Whereas: GAHN's intent is to provide a venue and culture needed to integrate the pedagogy, ontology, and praxis of holistic health and wellness, and create sustainable, innovative programs that embody attributes of social justice; and

Whereas: Position statements provide a way to clarify GAHN's perspective on differences in paradigms and implications for scholarly endeavors; and

Therefore, Be It Resolved that the following be placed on the GAHN Website portal available for public access: